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Eatbrain Night Spokane

2017-11-03 @ 21:00 - 2017-11-04 @ 02:00


JADE – Eatbrain – Budapest, Hungary

A name synonymous with neurofunk – Simon Gabor aka JADE has been making waves in the DNB scene since the early 2000s, leaving his mark on legendary labels like Moving Shadow and Black Sun Empire Recordings. It was through these early releases, and continuing through the rest of the decade, that Jade pioneered the emerging sound known as “neurofunk”, which was still finding its identity. Jade’s unique and aggressive style earned him a place amongst drum & bass’s finest producers, while his impressive skills as a DJ saw him touring Europe and beyond as one of Hungary’s most sought after musical exports. Tracks like “Got Lost” with frequent collaborator Matt-U and “Unexist” exemplify Jade’s early sound – the menacing, abrasive vibe is unmistakeable. In 2009 Jade released his debut album – Venom LP, on the highly regarded Citrus Recordings – a powerful mission statement from the producer, which delivered the “Budapest sound” to the world. Tracks like “No Cure” and the eponymous “Venom” featuring Rymetyme continue to define the neurofunk genre as timeless classics – required listening for a thorough drum & bass education.

2011 saw Jade take his next step toward global domination, with the establishment of his own label EATBRAIN – a forward thinking imprint standing at the crux of heavy dancefloor rhythms and the razors edge of drum & bass. With a unique aesthetic and the expertly curated creative direction of Jade, Eatbrain has quickly grown into a global movement within the drum & bass community, with the support of the genre’s finest. In just a few short years, Eatbrain has released music from heavyweights like Mindscape, Black Sun Empire, State of Mind, and Neonlight, while supporting the rise of newcomers such as NickBee and Teddy Killerz – to name only a few. It’s clear, at this point, Jade will continue to shape the direction of drum & bass music for years to come.


Mob Tactics Viper / Eatbrain – UK

Mob Tactics seem to be a name on people’s lips more and more of late. Already renowned for their inimitable style of techy – yet very funky, dancefloor orientated Drum & Bass, the duo appear to be going from strength-to-strength with each release. Their tunes are already firm staples in the sets of Andy C, Friction, Matrix & Futurebound, DJ Hype and Audio, to name but a few, and the demand for them on the DJ circuit is rapidly gaining momentum. Heavily influenced by the likes of Ed Rush & Optical, Bad Company, Konflict and Total Science, you can always guarantee a Mob Tactics release or DJ set will be nothing short of high octane.

Luke and Mark first met in 2009, when Luke, who was running the music department at Chemical Records, signed some of Mark’s tunes to their in-house imprint: RUN DNB. After instantly hitting it off and realising their musical tastes were so similar, the two decided to hit the studio in early 2010. The first weekend at Mark’s studio they managed to create ‘Gunjack’ and the following weekend at Luke’s, they knocked out ‘Stick-up Kid’ – both of which went on to garner support from DJ Hype, Bailey & Crissy Criss, and were subsequently released a few months later on Traffic Music. Mob Tactics was born.

Fast forward a few years and the boys are in full swing. 2011/2012 saw several releases on the duos own imprint: Tactical Recordings – including the critically acclaimed ‘Kansas’ and a track for BTK’s Dutty Audio label entitled ‘Prang’. But it was 2013 that proved to be the most successful year to date. The dancehall tinged hit: ‘Crazy Hype’, featuring ragga legend, Elephant Man, was snapped up by Playaz. Their remix of Cause4Concern’s early 2000 anthem: ‘Soul’ went on to feature in the sets of just about every man and his dog! Prolix snatched up ‘Grotbags’ for his Trendkill imprint, and legendary Andy C signed up ‘Wolf Trap’ exclusively for the sixth installment of his hugely successful ‘Nightlife’ compilations.

2014 saw no sign of slowing down with releases on Chase & Status’ MTA Records, including ‘The Answer EP’ and the single ‘Gasp For Breath’, along with tracks featured on UKF Bass Culture, Ram Records ‘Ram Miami’ and ‘Ram Life: Audio’ compilations.

Now moving into the next chapter of their careers, Mob Tactics have signed exclusively to Futurebound’s Viper Recordings label with their debut single ‘Neon God’. Walking the fine line between uplifting and underground, ‘Neon God’ signals the exclusive and triumphant pairing of Viper Recordings and Mob Tactics which is going make a lot of noise, both figuratively and literally.


S-Doobie – Seattle

M.I.A. / Dub Chamber Records / 1200 Hustle / W.A.R. / DnB Tuesdays / HipStep Zuluz / Konkrete Jungle

In terms of originality, there are few in his league. S-Doobie is a name synonymous with the underground nightlife kingdom. With countless years of bountiful achievements carved into the halls of the 174 community, Stu Dunn of Seattle is no new face to our beloved scene. Fueled by an insatiable thirst for proper mixing and eccentric beats, this legendary drum and bass DJ began his journey in 1999, and is known from coast to coast for his impeccable gifts behind a set of turntables. Heʼs shared stages with some of the most internationally- acclaimed talent such as Calyx & Teebee, Ed Rush & Optical, Spor, Current Value, DJ Hype, Loxy, Bad Company UK and Lenzman amongst many more. In addition to the prestigious artists heʼs performed with, heʼs traveled the continent playing some of the most esteemed venues to date, such as Respect Thursdays, Xcellerated, DNB Tuesdays Seattle, Two:Tone, Chicagoʼs Smart Bar, along with the monumental Nocturnal Wonderland, Monster Massive and Together As One.
Now, Stu has arisen as the Senior Booking Agent at the legendary Cyber Groove Agency. By contributing to the various channels of our multilateral community, we can rest assured that the growth and wellbeing of our magnificent community is in more than qualified hands. If you or your town have booked international drum and bass talent to come to your city, chances are Stu was involved in some way.
All in all, Stu is known by heads from all across the globe as being one of the pioneering figureheads in The United States concrete jungle. His motivational lifeblood and undeniable dedication run deeper and harder than the tunes he rinses on the dance floor. Through the countless years perfecting the craft he knows and loves so much, Stu Dunn is a role model for junglists everywhere.
Wherever there is passion on the dance floor, there is S- Doobie.


MC DINO – Insomniac / Bassrush / Jungle Punk

Colorado junglists know him as MC Dino, the infamous 8-year resident of Breakdown Thursdays at the Snake Pit, the nation’s #1 Drum and Bass club night. The rock star emcee most notorious for his poetic genius with a microphone has commanded crowds at such well known and respected events as Cyberfest, Bassrush, Electric Daisy Carnival and countless other raves and festivals across the United States. Recognized for his high-energy lyrical prowess on the microphone, MC Dino is a crowd favorite on the mic and is an asset to any DJ he rhymes alongside.

Although Dino is not his given name, it is his preference and insists that the other is irrelevant. Though born in a small farming community in Northern Colorado, Dino spent time growing up in Mexico and various parts of California before returning to Colorado well over a decade ago. In high school he spent more time writing lyrics, songs, and practicing with bands in backyards than on his schoolwork. He began going to raves when he was 14, a time when raves were new and entirely underground. This exposure had great influence on him; electronic music provided a new medium and mode of tampering with instrumental sound. In this scene he also discovered jungle music and emceeing. Besides the obvious electronic movement that so dramatically shaped his personal musical efforts, Dino’s other prominent influences include Prince, Roni Size and Santana. Exposure to these along with an upbringing encouraging all music is especially evident in his individual work, emceeing, and collaborations with Urban Aboriginee.

In 1997 he set out as an emcee and, inspired by the aggressive new sound jungle provided, used it as an outlet for the poetry streaming through his head. By this time he had already taught himself to dj and moved between rhyming and spinning, while continuing to write his own music. 1998 proved a year of reckoning and direction. He started performing regularly at the Snake Pit on a night then called Plastic Thursdays that offered techno one half of the night and jungle the other. During this period Dino gathered his musically-inclined cohorts and formed a solid group called Urban Aboriginee. The idea behind Urban Aboriginee was to promote the various but sometimes neglected talents (emceeing, DJing, producing, etc) of his intimate circle. The name alludes to modern day tribesmen surviving the streets of a concrete jungle (the city). Urban Aboriginee was recognized throughout Denver for its dedication to Jungle music. For five years, UA sponsored Kombat Battle, a party that allows young deejays and MC’s to showcase their talent and provided an opportunity for up-and-comers to perform live in an actual party atmosphere.

In 2004 Dino was introduced to Divine Elements through the drum n bass scene when he moved to Los Angeles. Fast forward 6 years of non stop MCing for some of the biggest names in the business and the biggest festivals and night clubs across the United States and we find Dino falling into the front man position with D.E. He ended up filling the void Divine Elements had long been waiting to fulfill with a front man MC. Dino was a fluid fit in the dynamic super group. He now is a
consistent, positive force in an already solid musical group, touring and writing music with them all the time .

During the for mentioned 6 year fast forward between 2004 and 2010, MC Dino has emceed for the greatest names in Drum and Bass, and Dubstep including Andy C, Shimon, Pendulum, Nero, Skrillex, Diesel Boy, AK1200, Dara, Bad Company, Mampi Swift, Teach Itch, and Craze, to name a few. Of course, he performs weekly and nationally as well as being featured on tracks produced by the likes of DJ Icee, Gridlok, Breakdown, Reidspeed, Divine Elements, and DJ Swamp. Other such accomplishments include co-creating Urban Aboriginee Records with his Partner Casey Bonse. Current works include on going production and live performance with Divine Elements, solo projects and audio engineering for various artists in the music community.


DJ Stitch Jones [JES, PiK, FaW]

Stitch has been playing DnB and Hip Hop in Spokane and the greater NW since 1996. He has shared the stage with the likes of Aphrodite, Vicious Circle, Deiselboy, Dara, Bad Company,Basic Operations, Juju, Star Eyes, 360 BPM, Demo, Evol Intent,MC Chris,Sandpeople, Hanger 18, Pacific,and MechWarrior. He throws down killer sets and has been known to pic up the mic as well. Stitch Jones is a cornerstone to Spokane DnB!!!!!


2017-11-03 @ 21:00
2017-11-04 @ 02:00